Saturday, May 26, 2007

Question about Circular needles

How do you straighten out your circular needles? I have been soaking the cable part in very hot water and then straigtening the bend with my hands. While it does help straighten them for the most part, when I picked them up this morning, they had returned to their usual "curl". Arghhhh.... Anyone have a tip or trick they would like to share? I'm planning to swatch for my gauge as this arrived yesterday!


moosie said...

ooh, I love the green color, great choice!! As for straightening circulars, have no idea, never tried it, once I casted on the 100 and some stitches it was fine.

Adrienne said...

Great color! Try casting on the stitches and that should stop the problem. Which circs do you have?

michelle said...

beautiful yarn choice! as for the needles, what works best for me is to boil water in a tea kettle, with the spout open. when it comes to a full boil, hold the circs over the steam, and slowly work your way across the entire circ cable. hope it helps you--good luck!