Sunday, May 20, 2007

Switching needle sizes in pattern

I was reading through the pattern and where you have to change needle sizes, if you don't have interchangeables, I assume you would have to put all your stitches on the smaller circ first before continuing to knit? I always have to go down a size or 2 in my knitting so I'll be doing it on size 5 and 3's, and they don't make interchangeables for the 3's--at least I couldn't find them.

I just ordered Addi Natura (bamboo) circs, I think the Turbos would be too slick for the cotton/nylon ribbon yarn I'm going to use. Thanks!

Also, if someone can guide me how to post a pic, I'll post my yarn :) Thanks!



Toya said...

Hey Holly
to post photos
Go to your text box, there should be a few icons at the top, the last one that looks like a landscape photo, click on it, it will bring up another box, choose your photo that you want to upload by clicking BROWSE, then choose if you want it to be centered on your post, leftside or right side, then click Upload Image,, and you should be good

holly said...

That sounds easy enough! Thanks, Toya!

sappmama said...

Hi. Just knit the stitches onto the new needle size. You can do it with circs just like you would with straights. As you knit with needle 2, all the stitches will work their way around it.