Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm going to have to swatch again!

Well, my gauge on 6s is 5 per inch so I'm going to cast on with 5s and see what I get. I usually knit very tightly but I've been trying to relax and evidently it's working! LOL I am hopeful I can get gauge with the 5s and start on Saturday - I feel so far behind and it's not even June 1! LOL Patti


IrishGirl said...

And here I was contemplating whether or not I should swatch...I never do, but I'm thinking I should now.


IrishGirl said...

Thank goodness I did a swatch...I will need to go down a size as well. Although now I can't find one of my size 4 needles. Grrrr! I WILL KNIT THIS...LOL.