Sunday, June 24, 2007


Hi! I just bought my yarn at Michaels today. I am using Lion Brand Microspun in French Vanilla. I also bought my sixes. I am having to order the fours off of Knit Picks. I was wondering what it would do if I just used the sixes all the way through. Any thoughts? I am about to start the first row of the tunic and then I will be off. It won't take me long to knit the four and a half inches so that's why I wonder.



Anonymous said...

I went a needle size smaller (US3) because I didn't have a US4 on hand. I would suggest going smaller though it depends on how tight you want it around your waist.

Casa Pearl said...

I think if you stick with the same size needles, you won't get that blouson affect that the smaller needles provide. Ribbing stretches a lot more than the body of the piece so you would probably get something that hangs straighter rather than blousing over above the ribbing.

Pixie said...

I went down only one needle size instead of two (because that's what I had available) and it seems to be ok. It still has that blouson look but perhaps not as pronounced as some of the FOs here (and that's ok with me).

IrishGirl said...

It also depends on where you want the ribbing to hit. If it's hitting across the rear, you might not want a tight ribbing. If that's the case, I would just make sure that the ribbing is knit tighter than the rest so it's tidy.