Friday, June 15, 2007

got gauge? Nope!

Hi everyone, just joined the group on Tuesday! I'm Lisa and I've been knitting only since February, and this is my first garment. I'm looking forward to my first knitting in the round, and will be making the Summertime Tunic. I decided to go with the Lion Brand Microspun Yarn in Leaf, even after reading about others difficulties with it. It fit my price range, and I figure if it comes out well, I can tackle another one.

I'm working on my second guage swatch, the first one on 6s was too small, and I know I am a very tight knitter (will I ever learn to loosen up?). Now I'm trying 8s and will post once I've actually begun the tunic. Keep up all the great work, your pictures are motivating me!


Adrienne said...

Don't worry! take your time!!!! and WELCOME!

NikkiJ said...

You GO, girl!

IrishGirl said...

I actually LIKE that yarn and I'm a total yarn snob. It is great for kids because you can wash it and nothing happens to it. My kids' scarves are still alive. Also, on the tight knitting...consciously relax your hands anytime you catch yourself clenching. Put down your knitting for a second and flex your hands a few times and pick it back up. You will find you need to do this less and less. Before you know it the relaxed position will be your norm. TIP: Cast on with needles 1-2 sizes bigger as you will be your tightest during cast on. Then for the next row use the correct size by knitting sts right off the larger needle. You will be glad you did!

=] Bren

Sarah said...

How many skeins are you buying? That is what I plan to use, but I am not sure how many skeins to buy!

zebstriped said...

I've got gauge now and am working on the section before the ribbing, about 1" in so far. For sarah: I bought 6 balls of the Microspun, and hope that will do it!

I've had a few issues with stranding, but it actually hasn't been as bad I as I had thought.