Sunday, June 10, 2007


I just finished my tunic today.

Front of Summertime Tunic

Additional Photos:

Back View
Ribbon Detail

Some notes:
  • This was a super easy, mindless knit. I zoned off knitting the Stockinette St main portion while watching countless hours of Man vs. Wild and Reign the Conqueror.
  • I substituted the S. Charles Collezione Kyoto with Rowan Calmer in Drift. In retrospect, this was not a good idea. Although Calmer has a stitch gauge very close to Kyoto, it knits up more like a worsted weight rather than a DK weight. The result is something less drapey and slightly thicker than I would have liked . In short, I don't recommend using Calmer.
  • I used US 7s for the larger needles and 6s for the ribbing.
  • I didn't knit the front split pieces simultaneously by joining a new ball of yarn; I just finished one side and then worked on the other.
  • I originally made a turning row on the very bottom with the intention of hemming up the rolled bottom, but it turns out I don't mind the rolled bottom much, so I didn't hem it after all.
  • I used 1/4" ribbon doubled instead of 3/8" ribbon.
  • No beads. I'm not a bead kind of person. :)
Good luck to the rest of you on your tunics! I'll be sticking around some to look for some FOs. :D


Toya said...

wow,, it looks awesome!

lynne said...

Oh, I love it! Okay, you've inspired me to pick this project back up. Thanks for showing the rest of us.

holly said...

congrats! looks great! Now I've got to pick up my needles and get working on the ribbing!

Anonymous said...

It's really lovely! I"m about 4 inches above the ribbing in...need to get moving but I took a break. Great job!!

Adrienne said...

Ok, it looks FANTASTIC! This may be the inspiration I need to finish mine!!!

Rosann said...

Thanks, gals!

IrishGirl said...

It is beautiful! I'm so glad you posted a finished I can look at it when I slow down. The two colors together are very sweet. Love it!

aquaknits said...

Truly beautiful!! I love the pale color and the ribbon you chose is just perfect. Definitely will help kick the rest of us (like me) into gear. :)

Casa Pearl said...

Congratulations and how lovely this turned out. I love your idea of doubling up the ribbons - it makes it so feminine and more dressy looking I think. Patti