Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Rip back

Hey everyone,
I started the summertime tunic on Memorial day but the all that stockinette stitch slowly wore my out so I put it down to pick up another project, eh hem,, lace work, lol

But I have to get this one done so I picked it up again, got to like 4 inches above the ribbing and realized that I didn't measure the height of the ribbing, so I did 1.5 inches instead of 2.
so what happened?
I know for a fact that on my bigger needles which I'm using for the stockinette, I got 1 inch per 7 rows, so when I switch needles I neglected to measure the ribbing because I thought that 14 rows will give me 2 inches,,,,, not quite, as I laugh at myself now.

smaller needles, different gauge, different measurements

so back to the drawing board, I know, such a silly mistake, but such is life.

Thanks for posting all the progress shots, I need all the motivation I can get, this stockinette is killing me.


IrishGirl said...

I love love the color of that yarn! I hate frogging a project, but as soon as I'm on my way again I feel SO much better for having done it.

=] Bren

Pixie said...

At least you realized early on, right? Not a huge deal. I love the color of your yarn, too.
And I agree -- all the stockinette is wearing me down and I just started.

Anonymous said...

lovely color! sorry you had to frog...i hate that. :(

aquaknits said...

Beautiful color choice! Isn't it terrible how those pesky other projects keep trying to tempt you away from inch after inch of stockinette? :)