Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Hi everyone! I began my Tunic several weeks ago, but got stalled while finishing up another project. Here's where I am so far.

I'm using some Lion Brand Microspun in silver I had stashed from forever ago. The yarn seems to have a nice drape, but the splittiness is killing me. From here on it's just endless stockinette, so hopefully I can get to the neck part soon. I'm enjoying seeing everyone's progress, and all the different yarns being used.

~ aquaknits


moosie said...

Thats a really cool color, Ive been working with that same yarn and sub'd it for db baby cahsmerino and its a perfect sub, just more splitty like you said but much cheaper, I made some baby socks and a hat using both DB and LB together and they look and feel exactly the same

Adrienne said...

Its looking good!!!!

Casa Pearl said...

Oh I love the silverly look to this. And good for you to use stuff in your stash. I should probably have looked in mine..... but it's so much less fun!