Friday, July 6, 2007


I finished up the tunic last night.
Supplies: Debbie Bliss Cathay yarn (cotton/silk/microfiber blend) in colorway 09. Denise interchangeables in sizes 6 and 5. Ribbon and beads.
What I learned: This was my first project in the round. This was my first garment of any kind. I learned how to whipstitch the casings closed and that it's a good idea to buy beads that the ribbon will actually fit through.
I don't have any action pictures, because I'm sending this one off to my sister, but here it is blocking/still slightly wet (the pictures look a little wonky but if you click them they are clear):

I will post action pics as soon as Sarah takes some!

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Susan said...

That looks wonderful! Your sister is going to be soooo excited. Great job for a first project. Your stitches look very even and uniform.