Monday, August 27, 2007

Help! Finishing!

Please bear with me, this is my first garment ever, so of course even with the easiest stitch in the world, I'm still confused....I'm working on the back, and have finished shaping the armholes. I did my Purling on the Right Side (turning row) and the instructions say to continue in stockinette stitch.

Do I go right back into pattern -- since I'm on the wrong side now, do I start Purling again? I'm confused as to how the front should look, whether the stockinette should continue on the right side still, or on the wrong side? I know ultimately this will be the ribbon casing, and may not matter, but I would like to do it correctly. Thanks for any guidance you have!


Susan said...

Hi - I've been knitting for years and that had me stop for a second, too. Yes - you would go back to purling on the wrong side and knitting on the right side, which means you are doing two purl rows. Hope that helps.


zebstriped said...

Thanks Susan! I was hoping the pattern would be more specific, and I took the instructions literally and wound up switching the knit/purl stitches and I knew it looked wrong. Off to frog I go!